Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai -6 Bentuk Sokongan Dan Bantuan Kerajaan Kepada MASA

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Pelancaran bangunan baru Malaysian Shipowners’ Association (MASA) menjadi mercu tanda  dan kebanggaan bagi  pemain Industri perkapalan yang mana khususnya pemilik kapal Malaysia diharapkan akan dapat memberikan suntikan semangat untuk terus bergerak maju dalam industri ini.

Industri perkapalan yang mana khususnya pemilik kapal Malaysia disaat ini menghadapi cabaran cabaran yang mana memerlukan sokongan dari kerajaan untuk terus berada didalam indusri ini serta berkembang maju dimasa akan datang.

Sebagai tanda sokongan kerajaan terhadap pemain industri ini , Kerajaan melalui Menteri Pengangkutan, Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai  telah mengumumkan  6 bentuk bantuan dan sokongan kerajaan  kepada Malaysian Shipowners’ Association (MASA).

Sokongan dan bantuan daripada Kementerian Pengangkutan amat diharapkan bagi menampung industri perkapalan Malaysia yang terjejas akibat kelembapan ekonomi global dan krisis kewangan dunia. Industri perdagangan laut merupakan industri perdagangan terpenting negara yang iaitu 95% daripada keseluruhan perdagangan negara.

Dalam ucapan Tiong Lai, beliau menekankan bahawa Kementerian Pengangkutan akan sentiasa memberi sokongan bagi menangani isu-isu dan cabaran yang dihadapai oleh Industri perkapalan yang mana khususnya pemilik kapal Malaysia.

Kenyataan Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai  juga turut disokong oleh Pengerusi MASA, Ir Nordin berkata “Industri maritim, perkapalan memerlukan sokongan kerajaan sebagai pemangkin memainkan faktor utama indusrti perkapalan menghadapi cabaran era ini.”


Melalui satu artikel berbahasa Inggeris 6 bantuan tersebut dinyatakan dengan begitu jelas sekali.  Kerajaan melalui Menteri Pengangkutan Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai  ketika merasmikan Bangunan  Baru MASA telah menyatakan bantuan tersebut.

  1. i) The formation of Malaysia P&I Club for ships below 300 Gross Tonnage. In this regards, MOT is coordinating with MOF for a startup grant of RM4 million for the club. This will enable Malaysia P&I Club to offer an affordable and competitive insurance premium to small shipowners involving third party liabilities. The insurance will cover a wide range of liabilities including death, personal injury, property damages, wreck removal and even abandonment of seafarers. I was made to understand that the setting up of the club is in its final stage and we’ll start operation before the end of the year.
  2. ii) To further request the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to consider including ferries, barges, tug boats, supply vessels, crew vessels and other vessels as well as crew members working on them to be exempted from corporate and personal tax respectively. In this regards, I have also sent a letter to YB Menteri Kewangan II to consider the request favorably.

iii) In the 2012 budget, the Government planned to reduce the existing tax exemption for shipping companies from 100% to 70% of their statutory income. However, the Government deferred the plan until 2015 in views of MOT and MASA’s appeal. Hence, MOT is preparing a comprehensive paper to justify why the 100% tax exemption should be retained and its correlation with the Malaysian shipping in the global market. The retention of the 100% tax is also crucial for Malaysian shipping to be competitive and to be sustainable in this hugely competitive world shipping market.

  1. iv) In the 2014 budget speech, an amount of RM3 billion was allocated as soft loan under the Maritime Development Fund via Bank Pembangunan Malaysia. The Fund is aimed at providing financing to shipowners to develop the shipping industry, shipyard construction, oil and gas as well as maritime-related support activities. Thus, to ensure that the Fund objective are fulfilled and utilized, the Ministry is facilitating multiple discussions with relevant agencies to expedite the Fund disbursement and in this regards, I would like to thank MASA for their involvement and participation in the many discussions that were held; and finally
  2. v) Recognizing the criticality of the shipping industry to the Malaysian economy and its people, the Ministry, Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA), MASA, Marine Department of Malaysia and other stakeholders are formulating strategies and action plans to address challenges faced by the Malaysian shipping in the Malaysian Shipping Master Plan.  The Malaysian Shipping Master Plan is expected to identify issues and make recommendations to be carried out in phases. Among others, the Plan will elaborate and recommend appropriate strategies and measures relating to the shipping industry specifically and the supporting industry in general.
  3. vi)  I was informed that the draft Malaysian Shipping Master Plan will be ready by the end of the year for consideration of the Ministry. I firmly believe that the Master Plan will change the entire spectrum of Malaysian shipping and propelling it to greater heights once implemented.

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